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8 Paint Colors That Will Make You

Skip the do-overs and pick the perfect paint color the first time around. What’s the secret? Ask the pros. Here, expert designers shared dozens of their favorite hues for every space, shade and season. It’s our best paint color advice, all in one place.
Changing the colour of a room can have a hugely positive effect on how the space looks and feels, but choosing the right paint can be a terrifying task. It may be a mistake that’s easily remedied but many of us still struggle and often end up going with the safest option. We’ve put together our handy guide to help you be bold and brave when it comes to colour in your home. From the latest trends, to how to visualise paint in a room to the tools needed for DIY, we give you the 101 on using paint in your home.
Paint colours, like anything, tend to follow trends. Remember the avocado-coloured bathrooms of the 80s and the mustard and orange hues of the 70s? Although it can be fun to brush on the latest trendy deep blue or mustard don’t be swayed by a desire to be fashionable – instead go with your gut and choose shades which will make you feel at home. Joa Studholme of Farrow & Ball explains, “Choose colours you like. It may sound obvious, but we see so many clients who feel constricted by the need to be tasteful. Don’t feel that because you have a Georgian house you have to use Georgian colours.”

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